The Uganda View Orphanage Project

The Will To Good Foundation is a private family foundation 501(c)(3) developed to support over 200 children at Uganda View Orphanage, in Africa. The foundation supports the students, faculty and staff at Uganda View by providing educational resources, developing sustainability strategies, and empowering children through skill building.

All donations made to the Will To Good Foundations are tax deductible, secure, and directly impact the children at the Uganda View Orphanage.

Our current project focuses on the Uganda View Orphanage in Jinja, Uganda.

Ways You Can Give

You can choose to donate any amount and we will put it towards the Orpanage’s most urgent needs, or choose a specific item below through our donation shop.


It is through education that the human imagination can be harnessed for a better World.


When we help to provide the necessary resources and tools to those in need great things are possible.


By educating and equipping we empower.